Personal training is carried out in people's homes and all workouts are put together to meet the needs of the individual.  I cover Barnsley and the nearby areas.


Customers complete 1 session per week for their results (unless stated in the photos) meaning this is a viable long term option for people with busy work and family commitments.

Below are some examples of results.


Changes 4 weeks apart for customer age 42

31cm lost from personal training, this was achieved in 4 weeks, much of reduction coming from tummy and tops of legs.  This is the only customer on this page to complete 12 sessions in 4 weeks which was done in return for a discount and photo. 


Changes 5 weeks apart for customer age 33

Karen had completed 5 weeks of personal training sessions and was starting to notice changes (below).

4 stones lost in 5 months

For Katie, a 35 year old mum of 3 from personal training.  Katie was a lone parent to 3 children working over 60 hours per week so 1 session per week was ideal for her.

Changes in 10 weeks apart

For customer with Fibromyalgia age 45 from personal training.

Changes in 5 weeks from personal training

9 stone 13 down to 9 stone 3 for 30 year old mum of 2 from personal training, customer lost 44cm overall.

Changes after 5 weeks

15 pounds in weight was lost and 51cm overall for 30 year mum of 2 from personal training.

Progess photos 2 weeks apart

Customer age 38, she lost 8 pounds in weight and was starting to notice a reduction of tummy fat from personal training.

Size 14 to size 10 for customer age 51.

Size 14 to a size 10 in 6 weeks for customer age 51, she lost 48cm overall with tummy and tops of legs seeing huge reductions from personal training.


Written feedback from customers

One of the feedback is from when the personal training started so quite old, another refers to the online fitness.  


What is the cost?

£30 for 1 personal training session


£17 per person if 2 people are training for 1 personal training session


Would you like to online fitness or personal training?

For personal training please contact


07400 572300 send a text or phone