Personal training takes place in Barnsley and the surrounding areas.  My customers train within their own home (or garden) or customers can come to me.


I do personal training for one person, however sometimes friends or couples train, below are a few examples of results seen by people who tried the personal training.

Changes 4 weeks apart

15 pounds in weight lost and 31cm lost from customer age 42 from personal training, this was achieved in 4 weeks.

4 stones lost in 5 months

Changes for 35 year old mum of 3 from personal training.

Changes in 4 weeks

11 pounds in weight and 35cm lost overall for 34 year old mum of 2 from personal training in 4 weeks.

Huge reductions from personal training

This 30 year old mum of 2 was unable to get these jeans up.  After 7 weeks she lost 59cm (mainly from tops of legs and lower tummy) so she could pull these jeans up, plus they had lots of room spare around the tummy area and belt was needed.

Changes in 5 weeks from personal training

9 stone 13 down to 9 stone 3 for 30 year old mum of 2 from personal training, much of reduction from lower tummy.

Changes after 5 weeks

Males will always be much easier to get results for than females, but below is an example 5 weeks apart.

Changes seen for Grandad age 56

He did attend group classes for 6 months and lost 53 pounds in weight (and was fittest he had been for 20 years) and this cost him £5 per week for this result (same cost as one pint of beer).
He did have a couple of personal training sessions and this was the photo a photo from one of those sessions, no nutrition silliness, pills or powders, just old fashioned healthy eating with treats in moderation and regular fitness training.
Below is his feedback 

Changes 5 weeks apart

For customer age 38 from personal training (hair is tied up in before photo and down on after pic)

Changes for Jane age 61

Personal training that works for the over 60s.

Over 50s regaining the figures they had years previously

Customer age 51 who went from a size 14 to a size 10 in weeks with lower tummy and tops of legs seeing huge reductions and customer lost 1 stone 5 pounds from personal training.


Below are a few comments from customers who have tried personal training (one of which refers to online fitness) plus one from 2015 which was a very early piece of feedback.


It gives you an idea of what the customers think.


How many times per week are people doing personal training?

Customers are completing one session per week for their results as seen on this page, except for the person in the first photo (at the top), she agreed to complete 12 sessions in 4 weeks + a before and photo to show result in return for a huge discount.


Everyone else, one session per week.



Why only one session per week?

There are people out there who are short on time and this is due to work patterns (getting stuck in rush hour traffic too) and people with family commitments, especially those with children or elderly parents, or both.


As easy as it sounds training 3 times per week (in theory) it isn't practical for many people.


Many of the people I work with have these very barriers work and family, for example, my customers often have to take their own children to sports clubs so this takes time (one barrier to a total lifestyle change).


One session per week allows customers to get the results they want and give them time to see to other areas of their lives.



What method of fitness is being used?

During personal training sessions customers are doing a martial arts based fitness workout, this means they are spending the session doing a variety of kicking and punching techniques against the shields and pads.


They are also doing lots of martial arts based exercises such as maggot, plus many others.


This allows customers to see results with one personal training session per week.




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For either personal training or outdoor fitness