Would you like to achieve the following?

  • Lose weight
  • Gain a leaner more toned all over bodyshape.
  • Become much fitter and have greater energy levels.

Changes in 4 weeks.

31cm lost from customer age 42 from personal training achieved in 4 weeks.  This is the only person on this page who completed 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks, she agreed to complete 12 sessions in 4 weeks in return for a discount.

4 Stones lost in 5 months

Changes for 35 year old mum of 3 from personal training.

Changes in 5 weeks

11 pounds in weight and 35cm lost overall for 34 year old mum of 2 from personal training.

Changes in 6 weeks

9 stone 13 down to 9 stone 3 pounds for 30 year old mum of 2 from personal training, she lost 44cm overall.

Size 14 to a size 10 for customer age 51

Achieved in 6 weeks for customer age 51, lower tummy and tops  of legs being very much reduced from personal training.

6 weeks apart for customer age 38

Changes seen in 6 weeks for customer from personal training before her holiday abroad (2 sessions per week).

45 year old mum of 6.

Julie lost 1 stone 7 pounds in weight......and lost 27cm with tops of legs and lower tummy taking a real blitzing

Julie was heading towards a size 14 (she was a tight 12) when we started and is now a size 10 and is heading towards a size 8

Size 14 to a 10 in 7 weeks (1 session missed in 7 weeks)

Written feedback from Sarah

Written feedback from Lisa

Written feedback from Karen age 47

Written feedback from Kelly (online fitness)

Nicola age 49 tummy progress photos.

Nicola was training 3 times per week in return for a discount, after the 2nd session we did the photo on the left to show how much was reduced from her lower tummy area.
The photo on the right (week 5) shows how much was reduced from lower tummy area at the end of week 5.
Nicola's feedback on her progress (after 2 sessions) when a reduction had been seen.

Huge reductions for Julie age 61, lower tummy area being very much reduced (4 weeks).

Julie's feedback (below)

Toning for the over 50s and the grandmas

Rapid toning for customer age 58 below.

Toning for the 20 somethings

This customer lost 28cm in 4 sessions with all the reduction coming from lower tummy, tops of legs from personal training.

Tummy far more toned for customer age 44

Customer saw rapid reduction to lower tummy area in 4 weeks from one session per week of personal training and she took this photo.

Progress photo for customer age 45 with fibromyalgia.

Despite being a bit limited with training customer saw these changes 5 weeks into personal training, she was 54cm reduced at this point.

Would you like to try personal training?

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Personal training isn't a one size fits all concept


All workouts based on the needs of each person and what is most likely to work for that customer.




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