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Below are a few examples of results seen by my customers.

Changes 4 weeks apart for customer age 42

15 pounds in weight lost and 31cm lost from personal training, this was achieved in 4 weeks. 

4 stones lost in 5 months

For Katie, a 35 year old mum of 3 from personal training.

Changes in 4 weeks apart

11 pounds in weight and 35cm lost overall for 34 year old mum of 2 from personal training.

Changes in 5 weeks from personal training

9 stone 13 down to 9 stone 3 for 30 year old mum of 2 from personal training, much of reduction from lower tummy.

Changes after 10 weeks

11 stone 9 pounds down to 9 stone 13 pounds for 42 year old mum of 2 from personal training.

Changes for Jane age 61

Personal training that works for the over 60s.

58cm lost in 8 weeks for Karen age 45

Reductions from lower tummy and tops of legs as a results of personal training.


74cm reduced for Karen age 47 from personal training



Cellulite very much reduced for Donna age 48 who was doing personal training with a friend to halve costs.



Feedback from Kelly who was doing online fitness



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