Big changes seen in 4 weeks for personal training customer age 42



Ideal for 30 somethings

8 pounds in weight lost in first 2 weeks for customer age 38.



Changes in 4 weeks for customer age 34

This customer lost 11 pounds in weight and 35cm from all areas, with huge reductions from tops of legs and lower tummy from personal training.



Changes in 6 weeks for 30 year old mum of 2

She went from 9 stone 13 to 9 stone 3 in 6 weeks and lost 44cm from all areas of the body from personal training.



Tummy toning for the over 50s and grandmas

Personal training is not a one size fits all option, therefore to get results for fully fit 25 year olds is very different to getting results for customers age 58 (customer age 58).



Changes for Jane age 61

Changes seen over 6 weeks from home personal training, home personal training is effective for all ages, not just the 20 somethings.




Will my house be big enough?

No house has ever been too small, my customers live in semi detached houses, terrace houses, all everyday houses.  If you are concerned about doing personal training in your house then you could always come to me.



Can I do personal training with another person?

You can do personal training with another person, however it is advisable for the two people to be similar and have similar goals.



What is the cost?

Scroll to the bottom of this page for personal training prices.




4 stones lost in 5 months for 35 year old mum of 3

Katie was a lone parent to 3 children and was working over 60 hours per week, so therefore only had time to complete 1 personal training session per week.


(lone parents with full time jobs tend not to look for lifestyle changes as they don't have the time).  One personal training session per week works best for busy parents.



Customers in their 50s regain the figures they had years previously with personal training.

Size 14 back to a toned size 10 in weeks for customer age 52



Feedback from Donna age 48 who was doing couples personal training (with a friend).




Please contact for cost on home personal training as the cost varies depending on a number of factors, ie, it works out cheaper if you purchase 10 personal training sessions, as opposed to only doing 1 personal training and then stopping.




Quick overview of online fitness - what you recieve

  • 3 live fitness sessions per week
  • 3 recorded workouts per week (if you cannot attend lives)
  • Live chats
  • Support as an when you need it
  • Accountability and weekly check ins
  • Healthy recipes to try
  • Motivation

What equipment is needed for online fitness?

No equipment needed.

Cost - £50 per month (no contracts)




This is for those who prefer to train at times to suit them, with this option you recieve 3 recorded workouts per week.  These are the  recorded workouts (see above - 2nd bullet point down) from the online coaching above.


Recorded workouts are sent to your email address.

Cost for this option

  • 1 workout = £5 (or £25 with recipes)
  • 3 workouts = £10 (or £25 with recipes)
  • 10 workouts = £20
  • 10 workouts + all 30 recipes = £30 (see below)




Instead of dieting, it is recommended that customers try healthy eating recipes.  Among the recipes are slow cook curries that have a prep time of 5 minutes, plus meals that can feed an entire family good food for the cost of one burger


Click on each photo for a better description of each recipe.


You recieve 30 recipes, plus the morning shake recipe, the recipes include 9 soup recipes, soups are an ideal way to get extra vegetables into your body.

Cost for this option

  • £25 for 30 recipes
  • £30 for 10 recorded workouts + 30 recipes





Phone - 07472 462646


Email - Myhomeworkout@hotmail.com