Home personal training (what you recieve)

  • Workouts done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Couples can train to share the cost of personal training.
  • I bring the equipment need for the session (** see below).
  • All workouts to meet the needs of the individual
  • Friendly service.
  • Nutrition advice given (this is very easy)


** the equipment that I bring fits into one bag, so there isn't equipment all over your house when doing personal training.


Below are some examples of results seen from personal training.



15 pounds in weight lost in 4 weeks and 31cm reduced overall for customer age 42.

NOTE - this is the only customer on this page to complete 3 personal training sessions per week, she agreed to do this in return for a 50% discount.



Toned tummy for customer age 38

Tummy toning after 6 weeks of personal training.



Changes in 4 weeks for customer age 34

This customer lost 11 pounds in weight and 35cm from all areas, with huge reductions from tops of legs and lower tummy from personal training.



Changes in 6 weeks for 30 year old mum of 2

She went from 9 stone 13 to 9 stone 3 in 6 weeks and lost 44cm from all areas of the body from personal training.



Changes for 35 year old mum of 3.

4 stones lost in 5 months from home personal training, she also gained a slimmer face too.



Changes for Jane age 61

Changes seen over 6 weeks from home personal training, home personal training is effective for all ages, not just the 20 somethings.




Will my house be big enough?

No house have ever been too small, my customers live in semi detached houses, terrace houses, all everyday houses.  You do not need to live in a mansion with a swimming pool on your back garden (like you see on the TV) to do home personal training.


If you are concerned about doing personal training in your house then you could always come to me.



How many times per week are people doing personal training?

Apart from the person in the first photo, my customers complete one personal training session per week for their results.


My customer base are people with busy work and family commitments and so only have time to complete one personal training session per week.


Of course, I am not going to lie my customer base are not fitness fanatics they just want to be slimmer and so for people who want to be slimmer (who are not fitness fanatics) one personal training session per week is a good choice.



Can I do personal training with another person?

You can do personal training with another person, however it is best for the two people to be similar and have similar goals.



Personal training that works for the over 40s

If you are over the age of 40, 50 or 60 then you need to be doing something that has worked for other people like you.  It is unwise to do personal training that works for 25 year olds if you yourself are 46 years old and have had 4 children (for example).


People in their 20s are a doddle to get results for, different story for older clients who may has barriers to training (osteoarthritis for example, maybe a dicky heart) .


If you have barriers to training then it is unwise to be following plans that work for fully fit, much younger people than yourself.


Of course, anything that works for the over 40s is bound to work for those in their 20s, because younger people are much easier to get results for.  Younger people and older people are welcome to try home personal training.



What is the cost?

Scroll to the bottom of this page for personal training prices.




Feedback from Kelly

Kelly did the online options, recorded option (see below).



Feedback from Karen age 47

This is old feedback, but very good feedback, Karen lost 72cm in 6 weeks from personal training.



Feedback from Donna age 48 who was doing couples personal training (with a friend).




£30 per session

£36 for couples personal training (£18 each)

£20 for online personal training.




Quick overview of online fitness - what you recieve

  • 3 live fitness sessions per week
  • 3 recorded workouts per week (if you cannot attend lives)
  • Live chats
  • Support as an when you need it
  • Accountability.
  • Nutrition advice
  • Motivation

Cost - £99 per month




About this option

If you are seeking 3 fitness sessions per week (recorded), you don't need motivating and you already have a good knowledge of nutrition then this is a good option for you.

  • 3 recorded workouts each week sent to your email.

Cost - £5 per month (no contracts)





Phone - 07472 462646


Email - Myhomeworkout@hotmail.com